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Stuart Scott (1965-2015)

ESPN anchor Stuart Scott died Sunday morning at age 49. My condolences to his family and friends.

It is hard. As we move on in life people are taken from us. Whether a family member, a friend or simply someone who we grew up with. Sometimes it is someone who seemed ever-present in our lives, someone like Stuart Scott.

The first time a celebrities death truly hit me was with Johnny Carson. Ended every single day with him for longer than I care to remember. He was the uncle who made you laugh. Much the same recently when we lost Robin Williams. But the hits keep coming.

I first saw Stuart Scott on the local news here in Orlando, he worked for WESH the NBC station here in Orlando before moving onto ESPN. We grew up with his catchphrases: “Booyah…” and “cooler than the other side of the pillow” became part of the national lexicon. Through Scott sportscasters are often as known by their catchphrases as for their work.

When I saw Scott’s speech at this years ESPY award show I was at once proud and saddened.

I was proud seeing a strong man fighting cancer and staying positive. So many fight this dreaded disease and it is absolutely a fight. Those like Stuart Scott and Jim Valvano who fight the fight and live their lives gives me hope for so many others.

I was saddened because, because I knew this day was coming. This day comes far to soon for each and every one of us.

We will miss you Stuart Scott.

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This is Jimmy V week.

I did not know Jim Valvano.
I never saw him play, never saw him coach. When he was cutting down the nets after winning the 1983 NCAA Basketball Tournament I was only 12 years old. I was unaware of Jim Valvano’s entire existence until this:

It is odd going from being unaware of someone to feeling a great admiration for that same someone in the span of mere minutes. That is what Jim Valvano gave us.

Sports is life. It is more important than the simple games we play and enjoy. Sometimes it can bring people together in a fellowship, a brotherhood that would not exist otherwise.

The “Jimmy V” speech is outstanding. It is inspiring. You do not need to even like sports to be touched by the words he said that night. The thoughts he shared that night transcend the sporting world.

“If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that’s a full day. That’s one heck of a day.”

It is an amazing day. Here was a man dying of cancer(he would pass less than a month later) urging those in attendance to live their lives to the fullest. That night he would form the Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research to help others. And he has helped so many others. Not only those helped by the foundation, but those inspired by his shining example.

It inspires me every day of my life. Every time I watch that speech is like watching it for the first time. Chills go down my spine and I feel like I could run through any wall. I feel I could do anything. Time is a gift, there is only so much that we each have. So live your life.

“Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up.”

If you would like to donate: 1-800-4-JIMMYV

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Buyer Beware.

The Super Bowl signals the end of the NFL season. The end of months of hard work and struggle before crowning a champion in one final game: One winner, thirty-one losers.

Let us be honest: the season never ends.

Officially free agency begins the offseason on March 9th.  However teams already are making moves and slowly changing the way they will look in the upcoming season. General Managers set the table for what they want to do in March in February.

Players are resigned, others released, and still others are put up as trade bait. The landscape of the NFL prepares to change in big and little ways leading up to the draft in April.

Good players, talented players will find themselves without a home. Some are getting older, others simply disagree on how much they are worth, all of them hope to continue their professional careers.

As teams consider these players, remember “Buyer Beware”-there is a reason they are no longer with their previous teams.

Whether it is money, discipline, age, injury the reasons do not matter. The simple fact is that they are no longer wanted by their teams. That should give prospective suitors pause.

Why are they gone?

What mistakes did they make?

Why are they not getting paid?

Many teams prefer to resign their own free agents. After all they know these players better than anyone else. Signing strangers is courting the unknown.

The NFL is a team game. One player, no matter how good, rarely changes a team’s fortunes. One mistake can bring down a season.

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Super Bowl wishes and a squirrel under the tree.

The Super Bowl takes place this Sunday between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. For many fans this is their Christmas. So in that spirit I thought I would ask for a few Super Bowl wishes.

Wish #1:

Usually when the game comes around I simply wish for a good game. That will not do it this year. This year I want great. I want big plays, stunning moments. I want crushing hits that give Commissioner Goodell pause. I want a game that each and every one of these players can tell their grandchildren about. All I ask is that these two teams make us proud, proud to be fans of the NFL and of the Super Bowl.

Wish #2:

I want both brothers there at the trophy ceremony. I know this is unlikely and unheard of, two opposing coaches standing in front of the world while one is crowned the champion and the other simply is not. It sounds a little crazy, but the Harbaugh’s are a little crazy. In big moments we always want to celebrate with those closest to us and the profession they have chosen it doesn’t get any better than this.

Wish #3:

Earlier this weekend the Baltimore Ravens announced that they would be announced as a team on Sunday. While this represents the ultimate selfless action by the team as fans we will miss out on the last chance for Ray Lewis to do his outrageous dance as he is introduced. He has become as well known for the ‘Squirrel’ as he is for his fantastic play. On Saturday it was reported that during practice, Ray Rice performed the ‘Squirrel Dance’ for Lewis. For my last Super Bowl wish can someone, anyone please find me tape of ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’ doing the squirrel dance. I am sure that I am not alone in wanting to see it…Someone, anyone, Please….

And finally since we are on the eve of the Super Bowl, my Super Bowl pick:

In a Hey Diddle Diddle Ray Rice does the squirrel upset special Baltimore by only two measly points.

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