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Greater than Great

From the Great Pumpkin to Alexander the Great to the Great One(Jackie Gleason-look him up you will thank me) as a society we obsess about greatness.

It is never more prevalent than in the sports world. The greatest slugger or a great center or in the NFL great quarterbacks.

Enter Tom Brady. In a fourteen years career he has thrown 392 regular season touchdowns and compiled a career passing rating of 96. Brady is the definition of a great quarterback. This most recent Super Bowl win was his fourth tying Joe Montana for the most ever.

This is where the problem comes in. Some feel the need to anoint him as the greatest quarterback ever.

Great is not enough? He has to be the greatest?

The first problem with this is simple: Super Bowl championships are not a quarterback statistic. It may seem like it when listening to the national media but there are actually 52 other players on those teams. Fifty-two other players along with a number of coaches, trainers and other men(and women) who all work together to led any given team to victory. The quarterback is only one part of the equation, not the entire equation.

The other problem is that naming any quarterback the greatest ever simply diminishes so many other incredible players. To say Tom Brady is greater than Joe Montana or Dan Marino or Bobby Layne only serves to disrespect all of them. It is purely subjective. There is no way to fairly compare playing in the different eras, just as it is difficult to judge who is the greatest quarterback today. While some may claim Brady others will champion Peyton Manning and personally I would pound the table for Aaron Rodgers.

Tom Brady is no greater today than he was the day before the Super Bowl. He is a great quarterback. Twenty years from now he will still be a great quarterback.

That should be enough.

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Super Bowl wishes and a squirrel under the tree.

The Super Bowl takes place this Sunday between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. For many fans this is their Christmas. So in that spirit I thought I would ask for a few Super Bowl wishes.

Wish #1:

Usually when the game comes around I simply wish for a good game. That will not do it this year. This year I want great. I want big plays, stunning moments. I want crushing hits that give Commissioner Goodell pause. I want a game that each and every one of these players can tell their grandchildren about. All I ask is that these two teams make us proud, proud to be fans of the NFL and of the Super Bowl.

Wish #2:

I want both brothers there at the trophy ceremony. I know this is unlikely and unheard of, two opposing coaches standing in front of the world while one is crowned the champion and the other simply is not. It sounds a little crazy, but the Harbaugh’s are a little crazy. In big moments we always want to celebrate with those closest to us and the profession they have chosen it doesn’t get any better than this.

Wish #3:

Earlier this weekend the Baltimore Ravens announced that they would be announced as a team on Sunday. While this represents the ultimate selfless action by the team as fans we will miss out on the last chance for Ray Lewis to do his outrageous dance as he is introduced. He has become as well known for the ‘Squirrel’ as he is for his fantastic play. On Saturday it was reported that during practice, Ray Rice performed the ‘Squirrel Dance’ for Lewis. For my last Super Bowl wish can someone, anyone please find me tape of ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’ doing the squirrel dance. I am sure that I am not alone in wanting to see it…Someone, anyone, Please….

And finally since we are on the eve of the Super Bowl, my Super Bowl pick:

In a Hey Diddle Diddle Ray Rice does the squirrel upset special Baltimore by only two measly points.

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